Just as I enjoy the works of many actors, I also enjoy the works of many different actresses. However, without question, Bette Davis is my #1 gal.  I think she was absolutely terrific in nearly every role she ever took on, and I never tire of watching her.  My #2 and #3 gals are Susan Hayward and Barbara Stanwyck, most often in that order, though, on occasion, Miss Stanwyck may snag the #2 position from Miss Hayward.  The 4-10 gals each solidly own their position and are in no danger of being toppled. The 11-25 gals, however, do move around within their range, depending on whose films I am currently watching.  As of January, 2014, this is how things line up.

1.  Bette Davis
2.  Susan Hayward
3.  Barbara Stanwyck
4.  Eleanor Parker
5.  Lana Turner
6.  Ida Lupino
7.  Deborah Kerr
8.  Ingrid Bergman
9.  Grace Kelly
10. Audrey Hepburn
11. Maureen O'Hara
12. Olivia deHavilland
13.  Myrna Loy
14.  Joan Crawford
15.  Vivien Leigh
16.  Greer Garson
17.  Claudette Colbert
18.  Gene Tierney
19.  Doris Day
20.  Loretta Young
21.  Judy Holliday
22.  Anne Baxter
23.  Joan Fontaine
24.  Ginger Rogers
25.  Rita Hayworth