Friday, March 01, 2013

John Garfield Blogathon---Lori's Humble Tribute

When I first began thinking about hosting a blogathon in honor of John Garfield's centennial, it was with the knowledge that my good friend and fellow Garfield appreciator, Lori Moore, would be an integral part of the event.  Although not a blogger, Lori's love for Mr. Garfield is even greater than my own, so I had intended for her to be a guest writer here at They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To during the four days of the birthday celebration.  Sadly, though, Lori suddenly and very unexpectedly passed away on Christmas Eve.  I miss her, and I miss the conversations we used to have about "our Julie" (as we referred to Mr. Garfield), but I know she is with me and this event in spirit.  (There are over two dozen wonderful entries in this blogathon.  You can access them HERE.)

One of the ways Lori's regard for Mr. Garfield played out was in the creation of an incredibly beautiful video tribute to him.  Although she called it her "humble tribute," there's nothing humble about it.  Lori did an awesome job putting the video together!  It features dozens of wonderful photographs, all set to a lovely instrumental version of the songs "I'll Be Seeing You" and "Smile,"...the latter of which seems completely appropriate for such a tribute, given the tragic circumstances of the actor's final years, when his heart truly was breaking.

Some of you have already seen this, I know, as I have shared it before; however, I hope you'll take another look, not only in honor of Mr. Garfield's 100th birthday, but also in memory of the very sweet lady who created it.